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Develop and post in this forum a slideshow presentation that presents a research proposal for the qualitative scenario below.Your presentation should include:Title slide with your nameProblem StatementResearch Question(s)Qualitative Design (Strategy of Inquiry)Data Collection PlanReferencesScenarioThere are numerous factors that go into starting up a company. In recent space flight tourism start-up, StuGoSpace, the board of directors is concerned that marketing will not target the right demographic. They have budgeted to spend $20M on advertising and want to ensure that the money is spent wisely, attracting the best potential travelers for their newly tested (and FAA approved) 8-person, commercial spacecraft. The company is going to lease operations out of New Mexico and wants to target any high potential travelers who can afford the $600K per seat/1.5-hour low-earth-orbit spaceflight.You have been asked as a consultant to:Define the problem.Develop a qualitative research design that includes a research question(s), strategy of inquiry, and data collection plan.

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