Read the following documents carefully prior start your research and

Read the following documents carefully prior start your research and writing: • Assessment requirements and Detailed instructions for completing the task; • Assessment Task 1 Workbook Mr. Dwight; and • Dwight First Hour Simulation Medical Documents Note: Workbook questions do not need to be rewritten but clearly identify your responses with numbering. 2. Your task is to answer the following questions: • Question 2 (a), (b) and (c); and • Question 5 (b) Note: • Question 2 MUST relate back to Mr. Dwight Hartmann’s procedure with the formation of a colostomy. • Question 5 (b) MUST relate to Mr. Dwight might require a blood transfusion because of post-operative bleeding, intraoperative, blood loss, or later, during his chemotherapy treatment. • All discussion MUST support with evidence base literature 3. Attached herewith are National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards for your perusal (NSQHS). 4. All answers MUST relate back to the case study of Mr. Dwight. 5. (a) Reference: • Minimum five (5) valid contemporary peer-reviewed journal articles, NO longer than 6 years. (All journals must be “High level” (systematic review) of academic sources used Note: You could use (i) guidelines for health professionals that are peer-reviewed, (ii) authoritative websites, and government websites such as NHMRC, NSQHC organization resources/guidelines intended for health professionals. (b) In-text citation: • MUST include the page number that indicates the actual page in your source where you located the evidence to support your key point in the citation. Example: John, 2016, p.xx (c) Style: • APA 6. This writing must be High Academic Writing. Use correct terminology and professional language. 7. Each answer must be justified and referenced appropriately. TAKE NOTICE: This is a Nursing assignment. 

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