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 PaperAssignment 1 – Woman represent 47% of the US Workforce and yet only 3% of the managers in your organization are women. Your job is to do research on how more highly qualified women in to management positions. Your job is to develop a strategy to get more highly qualified women into roles. You must describe your approach using concepts in terms from the textbook (A minimum of 5 different terms or concepts). You must also use a minimum of 10 additional different articles or books as references along with your textbook. This paper is to be written in APA format and must have in-text citations (References embedded in your paragraphs). You must address the following in your paper:How would you recruit more highly qualified women into the organization?How would you change the culture to make the organizational culture friendlier and more inclusive of women?What kind of leadership development or mentoring programs would you develop or create to help more highly qualified women get into to management roles?What adjustments would you make to the structure and demographics of the hiring panels to ensure to ensure that highly qualified women would be evaluated more fairly and unbiasedly?Paper Assignment 2 :  You need to write a 5-7-page (not including a reference page and cover page) analysis and recommendations. You are hired as an outside organizational behavior consultant. You have been brought in to fix the problems at American University with Benjamin Ladner and the American University. To get full credit you must use 5-7 terms from the textbook. You must also include a minimum of 4 additional sources beyond the use of the textbook. To write this paper you need to do research on root cause analysis, business process improvement, organizational behavior, and organizational change management and include how these terms apply to your analysis. (Files attached)

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