Research question: what should the judicial focus be to adequately

 Research Question: What Should the Judicial Focus Be to Adequately Tackle the Ethical Dilemmas Faced by Forensic Psychologists, And Are There Enough Well-Trained Psychologists to Meet the Staffing Requirements of The Justice System for The Apt Provision of Valid Assessments?Assignment 2: LASA: Research ProposalSubmit your final research paper to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned. It should include a cover page, an abstract, an introduction, a literature review, a methodology, and a reference page.Your final paper should be double-spaced, 8–10 pages in length, and properly edited.Please use the following outline:Introduction (2–3 pages)Introduction (including the statement of the problem)Purpose of the studyResearch question and hypothesesTheoretical frameworkOperational definitionsLiterature review (3 pages)IntroductionReview of research topic (as covered by the literature)ConclusionMethodology (3–4 pages)IntroductionResearch designParticipantsInstrumentsProceduresData analysisLimitations of the study (i.e., threats to validity)Ethical issuesDissemination strategySummaryReference pageAll written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.Submission Details:By the due date assigned, save your document as M5_A2_Lastname_Firstname.doc and submit it to the Submissions Area.

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