Resources read/review the following resources for this activity:

 ResourcesRead/review the following resources for this activity:Textbook: Chapters 3, 4Minimum of 1 library resource for initial postInitial Post InstructionsExplain the concept of motivation and why it is important to motivate employees. In your discussion, you must address the following questions:Which of the three content motivation theories do you prefer? Why?Which of the three process motivation theories do you prefer? Why?What is your motivation theory?What major methods, techniques, and so on do you plan to use in your career?Secondary Post InstructionsRead and respond to posts made by at least two peers. Respond in one of the following ways:Ask a probing question.Share an insight from having read your peer’s post.Offer and support an opinion.Validate an idea with your own experience.Make a suggestion.Writing RequirementsIn addition to one initial post, respond to at least two peers.Initial Post Length: minimum of 250 wordsSecondary Post Length: minimum of 200 words per postUse APA format for in-text citations and list of references.Grading and AssessmentMeeting the minimum number of postings does not guarantee an A; you must present an in-depth discussion of high quality, integrate sources to support your assertions, and refer to peers’ comments in your secondary posts to build on concepts.

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