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  The following short work questions are required to be answered on an APA format, each question will required at least 200 words of writing. A reference page with your textbook and at least one other reference from the FNU Library (LIRN / Library and Information Resources Network) specifically Pro-Quest and/or STATISTA.Your Library: User ID > 24439Password.>onlinelibrary39 Answer the following questionsFrom the textbook Chapter 11.Define communication. How does it play a crucial role in marketing and business?2.Define integrated marketing communications (IMC).3.Identify and describe the four ways consumers can interact with multiple media formats.From the textbook Chapter 21.How does brand image help customers? How does it help the specific company?2.What is a brand logo? What are the characteristics of an effective corporate logo?3.What are the characteristics of a strong and effective brand name?

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