Sci 115 quiz 1 | Science homework help

·         Question 13 out of 3 points   Which of the following is a basic component of all of the others?      ·         Question 23 out of 3 points   An ecosystem such as a forest in the Pacific Northwest of the United States is made up of      ·         Question 33 out of 3 points   Energy flow through an ecosystem is one-way because      ·         Question 43 out of 3 points   Homeostasis is      ·         Question 53 out of 3 points   Which of the following statements is true concerning DNA?      ·         Question 63 out of 3 points   Modern taxonomists today tend to group organisms into the same category based on      ·         Question 73 out of 3 points   In the scientific name, Pan paniscus, Pan represents the name of the ____ while paniscus represents the name of the ____.      ·         Question 83 out of 3 points   In science, if a result is deemed statistically significant, that means      ·         Question 93 out of 3 points   A result is statistically significant if      ·         Question 100 out of 3 points   A control group        

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