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Instructions: This week you will select three of the questions below: (Use our course readings and the library to support your response. Start this section by telling your reader why it is important to understand financial risk management in a retail organization)A – What does interest rate risk mean? Why should large retailers understandthis? How could/would a large global retailer manage interest rate risk?Explain in detail.B – What is meant by foreign exchange risk? Why might a manufacturer for aretail store decide to use a supplier who’s products are priced in the samecurrency? What are some of the foreign exchange rate hedging strategiesthat you might use to minimize risk in the foreign exchange markets foryour retail organization? Explain in detail.C – What is meant by credit risk? Specifically address why a risk managerwould be concerned with default risk, counter party risk, country risk andconcentration risk. What are some of the credit risk managementtechniques discussed in our reading that would apply to a retailorganization? Why?D – What is commodity risk? Why would a retailer be concerned aboutcommodity risk? What are some of the markets that you would look at tohedge commodity risk in a retail organization? What are the mainstrategies listed in our reading material about managing commodity pricerisk?Each question should be a minimum of 250 words. 

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