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Sick Cruise Ship Using the sample data from Exercise 23, construct the confidence interval corresponding to the hypothesis test conducted with a 0.01 significance level. What conclusion does the confidence interval suggest?Exercise 23Sick Cruise Ship In one trip of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Freedom of the Seas, 338 of the 3823 passengers became ill with a Norovirus. At about the same time, 276 of the 1652 passengers on the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship became ill with a Norovirus. Treat the sample results as simple random samples from large populations, and use a 0.01 significance level to test the claim that the rate of Norovirus illness on the Freedom of the Seas is less than the rate on the Queen Elizabeth II. Based on the result, does it appear that when a Norovirus outbreak occurs on a cruise ship, the proportion of infected passengers can vary considerably?

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