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 Unit VII Reflection Paper As you learned in this unit, work settings are strongly linked to social interactions, perceptions, and decision-making. For this assignment, you will compose a reflection paper in which you will consider how topics studied in social psychology influence these concepts in the real world. To complete your paper, first, pick a topic you previously learned about in this course. Then, address the following points. Define your chosen topic as it was presented in the prior unit. Describe how your topic could be applied in a work setting. In your description, be sure to mention the similarities and the differences you would expect in applying your topic to the real world. Would your chosen topic be perceived as beneficial or detrimental if you were in the role of employee? Why? How would your perspective on the topic change if you were in a nonpaid position, such as a volunteer or intern? Think about the concepts of behavioral economics. What is a rational course of action to protect (if a detriment) or promote (if a benefit) yourself, as an individual employee? How does this compare to actions that protect or promote the company at large? How could you balance the two? 

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