The comparative statements of beulah company are presented below.

Problem 14-6A The comparative statements of Beulah Company are presented below. BEULAH COMPANYIncome StatementFor the Years Ended December 31    2014   2013Net sales (all on account)   $500,000   $420,000Expenses            Cost of goods sold   315,000   254,000    Selling and administrative   120,800   114,800    Interest expense   7,500   6,500    Income tax expense   20,000   15,000      Total expenses   463,300   390,300Net income   $ 36,700   $ 29,700 BEULAH COMPANYBalance SheetsDecember 31Assets   2014   2013Current assets            Cash   $ 21,000   $ 18,000    Short-term investments   18,000   15,000    Accounts receivable (net)   85,000   75,000    Inventory   80,000   60,000      Total current assets   204,000   168,000Plant assets (net)   423,000   383,000Total assets   $627,000   $551,000Liabilities and Stockholders’ Equity        Current liabilities            Accounts payable   $122,000   $110,000    Income taxes payable   12,000   11,000      Total current liabilities   134,000   121,000Long-term liabilities            Bonds payable   120,000   80,000      Total liabilities   254,000   201,000Stockholders’ equity            Common stock ($5 par)   150,000   150,000    Retained earnings   223,000   200,000      Total stockholders’ equity   373,000   350,000Total liabilities and stockholders’ equity   $627,000   $551,000 Additional data:The common stock recently sold at $19.50 per share. Compute the following ratios for 2014. (Round Earnings per share and Acid-test ratio to 2 decimal places, e.g. 1.65, and all others to 1 decimal place, e.g. 6.8 or 6.8% .)(a) Current ratio  :1(b) Acid-test ratio  :1(c) Accounts receivable turnover  times(d) Inventory turnover  times(e) Profit margin  %(f) Asset turnover  times(g) Return on assets  %(h) Return on common stockholders’ equity  %(i) Earnings per share  (j) Price-earnings ratio  times(k) Payout ratio  %(l) Debt to total assets  %(m) Times interest earned  times Don’t show me this message again for the assignment Click if you would like to Show Work for this question:Open Show Work

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