The gilded age, which is got from one of mark twain’s books, the

  The Gilded Age, which is got from one of Mark Twain’s books, The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today, depicts a period in the United States with genuine social issues. Taking after the Civil War, the United States hopped to take the front position in the world industrialization. Because of America’s exceptional monetary development, the rich got wealthier and poor people got poorer. The Labor Movement was a significant point amid this time, and most likely changed the way America works today (Sokol, 2016). As indicated by, A Tale of Today, the Gilded Age depicts the huge social, political and financial change that the US experienced from the last third of the nineteenth century to World War I. The Gilded Age did not just impetus industrialized power inside the United States, but also stamped basic in setting up the New York Art world in the worldwide workmanship advertise.  

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