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 lease click on the link above to access the discussion question for this week. Select each topic and then click Reply to post.Week 1Go to the Internet and select a publicly traded corporation such as target.com. Use the corporate annual report for the most recent year and describe its contents. Then research to see what information is required in the corporate annual report. Who requires it and why?All  posts (both initial and responses) must be substantial (several paragraphs each) and each of your initial posts must be supported by 3 peer reviewed (from the KU library)/authoritative sources cited properly in APA format.  Responses should have proper support with at least 1 different source as applicable. Make your original post by midnight Wednesday and post your substantial responses to at least two other students’ posts, with support for your opinions/comments from peer reviewed/authoritative sources, by midnight prior to the week ending. Your total of 3 posts (1 initial post and 2 responses) must be submitted on 3 different days throughout the week.If you need a little assistance locating peer reviewed articles in the KU Library please review the Library link in Getting Started.  You may also want to submit your work to the Writing Studio if you need help with APA format or your writing.  

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