Week 2 assignment | BUSN696 | American Public University

Artifact #1 –  Paper or ReportWritten work can always be improved. Please review your submitted work from a previous class and locate a research paper, case study, or another written report to submit as your first artifact. Critique and edit your document and submit it by Sunday night this week. You should have all of the following corrected:SpellingGrammarOrganizational/transition problemsStructural or stylistic inconsistenciesAPA errorsIncorporate feedback from the instructor or other readersEXAMPLES OF ARTIFACTS FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT:As you progressed through your program, assignments were identified for the e-Portfolio.BUSN 620 – Week 7 Strategic Plan – Any written assignment that is longer than 3 pagesIf you do not have an assignment pre-selected from a prior course, consider the selection criteria for e-Portfolio artifacts listed in the attached document.Submit 2 versions of your assignment:One document in REDLINED version using Microsoft Word’s Review function, so that your instructor can view how you edited and improved your original document. This will be the primary document for review of your work; ANDThe FINAL version of your revised artifact showing how it appears and reads with all your corrections and changes incorporated into the document. (Please save your documents named so that it is clear which is redlined and which is final.)This Assignment is due by Sunday night. (Make sure you keep the final assignment version as you will begin loading it into your e-Portfolio in Week 5

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