Week 5_1 | Accounting homework help

 need for 2 studentsInitial Postings: Your initial post should be based upon the assigned reading for the week, so the textbook must be the primary source utilized and listed in your reference section (and properly cited within the body of the text. Other sources are not required but feel free to use them if they aid in your discussion. This means that they support the material from the textbook. Do not use other sources to substitute for or replace the textbook.  Provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions: 1) Identify and define the seven quality management areas of ISO then rank them from most to least important. What rationale is your list based upon?2) List and describe the three competitive advantages for outsourcing. Which of the three competitive advantages do you think companies are most willing to outsource for? Why? Your post must be substantive and demonstrate insight gained from the course material. Postings must be in the student’s own words – do not provide quotes! Your initial post should be at least 500+ words and in APA format ( using proper paragraph structure, sources cited within the body of the main text and Times New Roman with font size 12). 

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