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Consider the various ways to create effective communication in teams and guidelines from the text to determine how s a student group could constructively manage the situations described below. In your response for each scenario, identify which principles of effective teamwork are being disregarded, and develop responses (i.e. ways) that maintain a supportive communication climate.A. LATENESS: At the second meeting, Peg came in a few minutes late. That was bad enough, but now she’s coming 10–15 minutes late to every meeting. What’s worse, Angelica and Robert have started arriving late, too. It makes the rest of us feel like giving up.B. SKEPTICISM: Dan constantly makes negative comments. Our brainstorming activities fail because he makes fun of our efforts. Some people in the group are losing their enthusiasm and have stopped saying anything.C. MONOPOLIZING: Rajiv is very opinionated. He keeps talking, and he rambles on and on. It feels like we can’t get a word in edgewise.D. SILENT DISAGREEMENT: Adelle sits around rolling her eyes about almost everything we say. We can tell from the look on her face that she doesn’t like our ideas. It makes us feel like she doesn’t like us, either. She’s very pretty, and I think maybe she feels superior.

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