You will learn how to comply with ferpa, cipa, and coppa.

Exercise 5: Protect Children on the InternetLearning Objectives and OutcomesYou will learn how to comply with FERPA, CIPA, and COPPA.Assignment RequirementsThis assignment builds upon the role-play conducted in the roles section of this lesson. In the role-play, you were the systems administrator for a for-profit educational institution. The institution’s library provides Internet access, in particular, to students and their kids (while the parents are attending classes). Your task, as the system administrator, is to create a specific checklist for the educational institution to ensure implementation of the following laws:FERPACIPACOPPASupport your checklist with a summary of your findings. This summary will be provided to the board of directors. The summary should include compliance details for each of the laws mentioned and analysis of the need and structure of an ongoing monitoring and auditing policy in order to insure complianceDeliverables and format:Submit your answer in a Microsoft Word document in not more than 300 words.Font: Arial 10 point sizeLine Spacing: Double

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